Guiding You to The Life You Want to Live
Our mission is to end the stigma of mental illness. We know that many people suffering can not afford the help they need to work through Mental Illness, and Substance abuse. We're here to change that. 
Couples Coaching
1 hour - $40
Work with a Certified Peer Support Specialist to improve your relationship with your spouse, or family member.
Peer Support Group Session
FREE 60 minute session
Join a group of individuals suffering from similar mental illnesses/ addiction recovery and talk through your trials with a Certified Peer Support Specialist.  
1 on 1 Coaching Session
30 minutes - $25 

One-on-one time with a Certified Peer Support Specialist to work through Substance abuse issues, or Mental Illness.
In Person or Video Chat options available
Certified Peer Support Specialists use their own life experience to guide those experienceing similar illnesses and trials.  Our specialists are here to listen, help set goals, and talk through any problems that may be going on in your life. 
 Being a Peer Support Specialist, for me, means I get to help save a life like mine has been saved. I've been in recovery for 2 years.  My addiction to alcohol, drugs, manipulation of people, places, and things for the past 20 years started from trauma. 

I made the decision to get well. My life has changed drastically and each day is a reward. Now I want to share my experience, listen, and be there for others who want to fight this battle. Let's Get To It!

Specializing in:
People working toward sobriety
Recovery support
Mental and physical trauma
Family and friends of people abusing substances

I have dealt with Depression and Anxiety and I have worked with people struggling with Mental Illness. 
I understand the dynamics of these illnesses, and truly empathize with how debilitating they can be.
I have Certification in Mental Health First Aid and am a great resource for those struggling with suicidal thoughts

Specializing in:
People with 
Major Depression, 
and Family or friends of those suffering from any mental illness


Peer Support Specialists can only become certified from having lived experience with Mental Illness, or Substance Abuse. I have my own lived experiences with Mental Illnesses, and have always wanted to help others. 

I have certification in Mental heath First aid so i can help those struggling with suicidal thoughts.

 I also run MAT Support Groups within this organization

Specializing in:
People with 
Major Depression, 
Bipolar Disporder
and Family or friends of those suffering from any mental illness
Serena Millet is the founder of this non-profit, and she suffers from anxiety and depression, along with being married to someone with severe OCD.
 After years of dealing with the financial strain that therapy can cause for a family with mental illness, she set out to find an affordable solution. Support groups are low-cost, but don't always offer everything you need to improve your mental health. There are very few options in between for those with lower income. She decided to do something about it, and so Insane Ability was born. 
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